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About Crimson Closet

Welcome to the Crimson Closet Online Boutique!

⚡️Unique fashion for badass babes'⚡️

Crimson Closet is a one-woman owned and operated online women’s boutique based out of Richmond, Virginia! Our online store went live on May 23rd, 2021.
CC is mostly geared towards ladies, but all are welcome to shop with us!

At Crimson Closet, we specialize in what we like to call, “Rock Chic” inspired clothing and accessories. It's a curated collection of affordable, edgy, and bold pieces for badass babes who love to express their personalities & individualities with their look.

We offer clothing, shoes, jewelry, & accessories that are trendy, but are also unique and make a statement!
One of our most popular and ever-growing sections at Crimson Closet is our Band Tees collection. Our shop (like myself) is half-heavily influenced by music. Which meant that music merch was a must! Right now we have a lot of classic rock musicians/ bands, but I plan on offering a wide range of musicians/bands/groups of all types of genres in the future.

The second half of Crimson Closet focuses a lot on the spooky & macabre. We love horror movies, True Crime podcasts/ documentaries, dabbling with the occult, and other supernatural topics. Halloween is our favorite holiday of the year! We actually have a collection dedicated to Spooky Season which features an array of cute, but creepy clothing & jewelry.

As you can tell, we are not your average online women’s boutique. Nor do we want to be.

When trying to sum up Crimson Closet quickly, I like to say we are for the alternative kids that used to shop at Hot Topic. Now we're grown, with full-time jobs, and families.
Nevertheless, we still love to dress chic with a bold, eclectic, & edgy touch!